1. Heartily appreciate God for the numerous souls harvested during Hajj Operations last year and since the Lord gave us this burden. Psalm 86:9; John 12:32.
  2. Pray for God’s hand to rest upon the mountains at Saudi Arabia where the Muslims gather for their rituals and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the Living Christ to the people which will bring about innumerable harvest of souls. Isaiah 2:2, 3; 25:10.
  3. Pray to destroy every satanic veil hindering the manifestation of God’s Word in the life of the Muslims and decree a continuous revival and manifestation of God’s glory. Isaiah 25:7; 40:5.


  1. Pray that the eyes of all Muslima in Mecca and beyond will see and experience the salvation of God. Luke 2:30.
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit to proceed through the activities of the Muslims and do mighty and marvelous works among them that will turn their hearts to God. Isaiah 29:14.
  3. Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict prominent Muslims that will cause others to surrender and give their lives to Christ on a continuous basis. Acts 18:8.




  1. Frustrate every plan of Satan to misinterpret or misrepresent the gospel to many in order to draw many to darkness. Also decree the safety of missionaries/workers as they go about preaching the gospel. Job 5:12.
  2. Pray that there will be a manifestation of the resurrection power of God which will bring about a mighty revival in the lives of everyone present in Saudi Arabia. Romans 8:11.
  3. Pray for God’s counsel to prevail despite the devices and decisions of the Muslim leaders not to accept the gospel of Christ. Prov. 19:21; Psalm 33:10-11.


  1. Intercede for Islamic nations in Africa that they may be brought under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Psalm 2:1-9.
  2. Angrily bind Satan from invading the lives of the people to snatch away the Word of God planted in their hearts through his ministry of stealing, killing and destruction. John 10:10.
  3. Bind and cast out Satan from fighting the growth of the body of Christ and decree that the mosques Muslims use for Hajj will become a major place of worship for believers. Acts 16:15; Micah 4:1.


  1. Pray that Muslims will lose interest in the futile rituals performed during their Hajj. Ask the Holy Spirit to open their eyes to see and worship God in the light of Jesus the Messiah. 1 Cor.8:4-6; Eph. 1:18.
  2. Using the blood of Jesus Christ and the Name of Jesus, decree that every ancient gate that resists the Light of God from shining be lifted up that the Gospel may shine from shore to shore. Psalm 24:8-12.
  3. Pray that as the people hear the gospel of Christ they will continuously develop a burning desire to know more about God. Philippians 3:10; Lev. 6:13.


  1. Ask God to impress in the hearts of the people including high profile leaders the right perspective of the gospel of Christ that they may make demands for the preaching of the gospel and Christian literature. John 6:68.
  2. Ask God to send the Word that will lighten every Muslim nation such that darkness will not have its way in the lives of the people. Matthew 4:16, John 1:5.
  3. Pray that the heart desires and expectations of every new convert be granted without delay and that this will in turn bring about the salvation of their households. Ps.145:16.


  1. Pray that God will convict one of the high profile leaders among the Muslims at Mecca which will bring about the salvation of others. Decree that as a result, multitudes will gather to hear the Word of God preached and receive Jesus Christ. Mark 5:21; Obadiah 1:21.
  2. Bind and cast out Satan from any position he intends to occupy in order to cause any form of violence. Decree absolute peace and rest upon the new converts. Acts 9:31, Isaiah 60:18.
  3. Pray that the Holy Spirit should totally transform the high profile leaders of Muslims at Mecca that will bring about a declaration for everyone to worship God. Daniel 6:26.


  1. Pray that their ritual activities will be worthless before them. Decree that they will see reasons to worship God alone. Daniel 3:29.
  2. Pray that during and after this Hajj the Muslims will continually press to know more of God until they are conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. Luke 16:16, Rom.8:29.
  3. Pray that God will wrought notable, creative and instant miracles, signs and wonders that will in turn cause the Muslim leaders to make a decree that everyone should serve God. Dan.3:27-29.


  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to stir up the hearts of the high profile Muslim leaders to sponsor and promote the gospel of Christ in every Muslim nation using Saudi Arabia as a point of contact. Dan.3:29-30, Haggai 1:14.
  2. Using the blood of Jesus blot out every negative idea impressed in the minds of men hindering them from identifying and taking root in the body of Christ. Decree that all who come in contact with the gospel of Christ will take root steadily. Col.2:14, Isaiah 54:17.
  3. Pray for the supernatural hand of God to rest upon missionaries and new Muslim converts that will in turn bring about great number of unbelievers to believe in God. Acts 11:21.

DAY 10

  1. Pray to frustrate every scheme of the devil to resist the harvest of souls through tradition, religion, unbelief etc. Decree ceaseless manifestations of God’s glory. Mark 7:13, Job 5:12-13.
  2. Bind the devil and his numerous agents from hindering the establishment of the numerous converts that will emerge after the Hajj Operations this year. Decree their speedy establishment in the faith this year, 2017 and always. James 4:7, 2 kings 19:30.
  3. Bind satan and his agent from attacking the peace and multiplication of the disciples of Christ. Decree all-round peace and rest where ever they go. Matt.16:18, Acts 9:31, 2 Thess.3:16.

DAY 11

  1. Pray to subdue and cast out any territorial evil spirit or religious spirit contending with the harvest of souls. Decree God’s glory and grace that will cause continuous harvest and their speedily growth. Micah 4:1, Isaiah 57:14.
  2. Blot out every governmental policy or law in every nation or city that may want to hinder the gospel of Christ from spreading. Col.2:14, Esther 8:5.
  3. Intercede for the salvation of any human agent in any part of the world that satan wants to use or is using to impede the church planting agenda of the body of Christ, using Asia, USA etc. as points of contact. Isaiah 8:9.

DAY 12

  1. Pray for the new converts and believers to gain quick understanding of the kingdom of God. Also pray for supernatural wisdom for them to be in the faith. Col.1:9-10; Eph.1:17.
  2. Pray for the Muslim nations in Asia to be brought under the Lordship of Christ. Psalm 2:1-9.
  3. Using the blood of Jesus Christ, decree the supernatural liberation of all Muslim new convert from all forces of darkness against their establishment in faith. Rev.12:11, Zech. 9:11.

DAY 13

  1. Ask God to send the rain of His Word of eternal life amongst the Muslim, thereby establishing them in the faith. John 6:66-68.
  2. Pray that God should specially bless and distinguish every Muslim convert that will in turn cause the salvation of their entire household. Mal.3:17-18.
  3. Pray that the Holy Spirit will take away every stony heart that prevents the Word of God not to be fruitful among the Muslims now and always. Matt.13:20-21, Ezek.11:19.

DAY 14

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of men to see Jesus as the true Son of God and let them hunger to hear the Word.
  2. Ask God to raise revivalist during this Hajj among the Muslims at Mecca.
  3. Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to sinners the hidden truths of the kingdom of God. 1 Cor.2:10-11.


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